Arsovska Tomovska meets with Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia

Skopje, 21st of January 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska met today with Н.Е. Mr. Daniel Erik Schaer, the newly-appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the Republic of Macedonia.

At the meeting, held in the premises of the Ministry, Minister Arsovska Tomovska and the Ambassador talked about possibilities of deepening the cooperation between two countries for further development of information society.


As one of the leading IT countries in the European Union, Estonia is facing rapid development in the sector of information technologies, so the Estonian IT companies see growing demand for educated and experienced engineers. In this respect, Arsovska Tomovska and Schaer pointed out the cooperation between MISA and the Estonian company 'Net Group' aimed at finding software companies in Macedonia for a potential partnership with them.


Ambassador Erik Schaer emphasized that such cooperation could be established with other companies as well. He will consider the EU projects and cooperation possibilities regarding the projects of the Ministry. Moreover, Ambassador will also consider the possibility of involving Estonian experts in the process of the Long-Term Strategy preparation for the development of the ICT industry in the Republic of Macedonia.

Mr. Daniel Erik Schaer has previously served as an Ambassador to Rwanda; In January 2016 he was appointed Ambassador of Estonia to Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration