Arsovska Tomovska at the First Annual Forum for Data Protection of Western Balkan Countries

Skopje, 2nd of February 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the opening of the First Annual Forum for Data Protection of Western Balkan Countries. The Forum was organized by Macedonian Directorate for Personal Data Protection in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science and engineering-FINKI.


This forum aims at establishing regional network for cooperation among personal data protection organs in order to exchange experience, knowledge and good practices as a way of dealing with common challenges to personal data protection and protection of privacy.


Arsovska Tomovska emphasized the importance of organizing such events: ’They have a positive impact on development of the Information Society and more importantly, on promotion of citizens' rights in the digital world’. She pointed out great collaboration with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection that also includes paying close attention to the protection of personal data when designing complex systems in public administration.


"I would like to point out the Interoperability system, i.e. data exchange among 25 state institutions that includes exchange of millions of citizens’ personal data on a daily basis; the highest standards have been applied to the protection of individuals as regards processing of personal data within the institutions. In this respect, the Ministry has adopted standards for Information Security management ", Arsovska Tomovska said.


According to the Minister, there should be no compromise when it comes to privacy protection and also efforts should be made to raise public awareness. She reffered to the "Surf Safe" project aimed at detecting online threats to children's safety and giving advice about their online security. The two-day forum will focus on The Cloud Computing and Cyber security. Also, there will be a presentaton of a new website, in order to give the citizens an efficient and transparent way to deal with social media privacy violations.







Ministry of Information Society and Administration