New data on the total number of employees in the public sector announced

Skopje, 12th of February 2016

Press conference was held today in the premises of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration on establishing a system solution which provides accurate data on the number and type of state institutions, as well as the number and structure of employees in the public sector, in order to achieve transparency and proper human resources policy- making.


Over the past year, the Ministry together with public sector institutions worked devotedly on the implementation of legal provisions. Part of the activities related to the preparation of functional analysis, based on which improved internal organization structure and job systematization was created.The Catalogue of working posts, originally released on the 21st of January 2015, was continuously updating so currently the 8th is the latest edition.Information system for human resource management which incorporates the database i.e. Register of employees, was established in early 2015. The records apply to all institutions, their organizational structure and employees.Trainings and workshops for over 1000 institutions were conducted in autumn 2015, including video-tutorial for the system usage. Call center for telephone and online customer support system was opened in October 2015.


According to the Law on Public Sector Employees, MISA was obliged to establish a Register of public sector employees by February 13th 2016. With one day left before the deadline, the register has already been established and is still being updated so the process will be completed by March 31st 2016, when The Ministry is obliged to publish the first detailed annual report on the data from the Registry.


Speaking at the press conference, Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska announced: "The public sector has 127.139 employees, down by 1.114, compared to 2015 in July". Over the next week, every public sector employee will be able to access the official website of the Ministry (with the exception of the police, military and intelligence agency) by entering their personal identification number to check if there record of employment was submitted, similarly as the voter list check.


Such transparency and accountability of the Ministry contributes to improving public confidence in data relating to the scope and structure of the public sector. The greatest need of MISA is to have these data, because the policy-making and public administration reforms directly correlate to the data contained in the Register.







Ministry of Information Society and Administration