Conference 'Open Government Partnership-dialogue with civil society organizations for the National Action Plan 2016-2018'

Skopje, 23rd of March 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska has opened the conference “Open Government Partnership – Dialogue with CSOs about National Action Plan 2016-2018”, organized by Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations project (TACSO) and MISA.


The purpose of the two-day conference is to promote Open Government Partnership initiative to the civil society organizations and to inform in more details CSOs, about the progress achieved in the country as well as to enable dialogue between CSOs and government institutions regarding experiences and challenges during the Second Action Plan implementation. Furthermore, CSOs will have possibility to give suggestions and recommendations for the design of the next action plan for 2016-2018.


"Activities for the third National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2016-2018 started last month, involving all relevant stakeholders in the preparation process like the previous cycles", said Arsovska Tomovska, adding that many activities were undertaken to build partnership among Government, Citizens, and Businesses in the process of shaping policies and creating national legislation, strategies and initiatives.


"Apart from the implementation of strategic documents, interactive websites were launched in order to facilitate process and increase transparency; We brought in legislation to ensure access to information, introduced open data and enabled priority mechanisms based on the needs of citizens and businesses". She suggested that open data impose certain standards which have to be additionally intercepted and that’s the highest priority on the national agenda of the Open Government Partnership.


The Government of the Republic of Macedonia joined the global initiative for Open Government Partnership (OVP) in 2011- an international platform in which Governments and CSOs are committed to making their governments more open, accountable and responsive to citizens. All the countries that joined this initiative were required to submit an action plan for implementing the measures of the initiative. According to the obligations of all countries that joined this initiative, the Government adopted the First Action Plan in 2012, and the second Action Plan (2014-2016) was adopted in 2014.


Head of EU Delegation, Aivo Orav, also addressed at the conference opening. He emphasized the importance of the Open Government Partnership for improving the transparency of the institutions and cooperation with citizens, adding that such efforts should continue for the third Action Plan, too.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration