'Allocate Software' increase investment in Macedonia and expanding Skopje Application Development Centre

Skopje, 23rd of March 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska attended at the official opening of the British company 'Allocate Software' second office in Skopje. With an initial planned investment of €5 million over five years, Allocate will now be increasing investment to nearer €7.5 million over the same period. This will see the local Allocate team grow from 25 software application developers to nearer 55.


Arsovska Tomovska welcomed this decision adding that ”Very important thing is, that the final product, i.e. software is being created in our country and afterwards distributed around the world through the 'Allocate Software' offices based in the UK, Australia and Sweden,”. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia commits to doubling -tripling the number of highly educated developers and engineers, since we are facing with increasing demands on IT cadres.


”In this respect we've undertaken many activities like teaching programming from the 3rd grade, we’ve joined the ’Girls in ICT initiative’, we are launching campaigns to attract young people to study technology” etc. Arsovska Tomovska said.


Allocate Software CEO Sati Sian also expressed satisfaction with the company’s decision to expand Skopje Application Development Centre, emphasizing that this is an opportunity for Macedonia engineers to join and build their careers with an international healthcare application business. The British Ambassador in Macedonia Charles Garrett, emphasized the importance of 'Allocate Software' investment, too, pointing out that this successful company is present in Macedonia for about one year.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration