Republic of Macedonia-Fertile ground for IT talents

Skopje, 1st of September 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska met with Mile Jovanov, President of Computer Society of Macedonia, congratulating him for the latest achievements of our students in informatics on international competitions. They have won bronze medals participating in the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics in Nicosia, Cyprus, and International Olympiad in Informatics in Kazan, Russia.


"One of the main priorities of the Government in the field of informatics, is to double the number of skilled IT staff by 2020, so we've developed a systematic approach in order to achieve this. Last year, we've introduced the subject 'Computing and basics of programming' in the third grade where students learn algorithmic thinking, which made Macedonia one of the first countries in the world to implement training in informatics into formal education at early stage. Furthermore, we continuously increase the number of mathematic and informatics classes in secondary schools and over the years have opened a new Faculty of ICT as well as ICT University. Continuously, through campaigns, initiatives and projects, we work on motivating young people to choose careers in computer sciences”, Arsovska Tomovska said.


”MISA gives a continuous support for the events organized in this field and The Ministry actively cooperates with domestic and foreign ICT companies in the country. Our goal is to create as many as possible ICT jobs", Arsovska Tomovska added. She underlined that a special emphasis is given to supporting competitions in Informatics. Jovanov expressed his belief that supporting such competitions contributes to early identification of talented students, their further training and preparing for future careers in the field of informatics.


Both agreed that Macedonia features quality ICT cadres and is considered a great destination to develop original Macedonian ICT solutions as well as outsourcing, given the fact that the computer scientists' salaries in Macedonia are on par with the salaries of global ICT market, whereas the cost of living is significantly lower.


The Ministry of Information Society and Administration has prepared ′Short-term ICT Strategy 2016-2017′, which aims to increase the contribution of the ICT-producing industries to sustainable development and economic growth, as well as jobs creations in the ICT field and other supported industries.



Public relation at Ministry of Information Society and Administration